How to become ‘Emily the Corpse Bride’ for Halloween

DIY Emily the Corpse Bride homemade costume

‘Emily the Corpse Bride’ is a famous character that is perfect for Halloween. If you are a big fan of Emily and would love to be like her, you are on the right page! Whether you are a cosplay professional or just a DIY enthusiast, this costume is easy-to-build for everybody. Without further ado, here’s how to perfectly do your hair, makeup, and costume like Emily.

How to do Emily’s hair

The blue hair of Emily is unique and outstanding. She has bright blue curls that are quite long and a bit loose. Thus, you can buy a bright blue wig at a wig store or by using an online shop product that matches Emily’s hair color. If you do not feel comfortable wearing a wig but have long hair you can use a temporary wash-out blue hair dye.

You can also dye a wig that has another color to blue, in case you have trouble finding a bright blue wig. Once your wig or your hair is ready, you can go to the next step, which consists of decorating your hair.

How to decorate your hair to look like Emily

In the ‘Corpse Bride’ movie, Emily has blue flowers on the top of her veil. To create this iconic look, you will have to buy blue plastic flowers and bobby pins at a local craft shop or a dollar store. Then, you use the bobby pins to secure the flowers onto your hair or wig. Another way for decorating your hair is by wearing a floral crown which is much easier and quicker than pinning individual flowers to your hair or wig.

Since she wears a long blue-stained tattered veil, you can buy a few meters of cheap white lace. Then, tear or cut it apart and paint it with blue tones until you get the perfect veil. Alternatively, you can also buy a proper veil for extra perfection.

Bonus tip: for Emily’s wedding bouquet, make sure to buy a few extra plastic flowers and to tie them together, and voilà! Now it’s a party!

How to do Emily’s wedding dress

In fact, Emily’s wedding dress has lots of details. She wears a strapless dirt-stained wedding dress which has a corset that ends in a deep V. Her dress has a long flowing pleated skirt with the middle showing her legs. Moreover, there is light blue filigree on the bottom of the skirt and edging the veil.

To make the wedding dress you can use or buy a white corset and a white skirt. If you want a more realistic-looking dress, you will have to paint the white skirt blue and dark blue. You will also have to decorate the corset with some white pearls and simulate the ribs that Emily has in the movie. That said, if you cannot find any white skirt or corset, you can buy them at a local thrift store to save money. Don’t worry if the dress has some visible flaws such as loose stitching, holes, or rips because they will just make your costume look more authentic.

How to do accessories

In the movie, she wears tattered loose fingerless long gloves that end to her elbows. Furthermore, her right one appears to be hanging on her wrist. She wears white stockings that are piling at her ankles because of her skeletal body. Both of her gloves and stockings are stained blue. Furthermore, she also wears a pair of white pump shoes.

To make the gloves you can use old gloves and cut the finger parts off. Also, you can buy new ones and cut them accordingly. For the stockings, you can wear a usual pair of blue stockings or a pair of blue short socks. Last but not least, you can just use a pair of pumps to make your costume look flawless.

How to do Emily’s makeup

Obviously, the first thing people will notice is Emily’s blue face and blue body. What you have to buy for the makeup is blue and white face paint. Make sure you have enough to cover your face, neck, chest, arms, and hands. In order to be easily recognized as ‘Emily the Corpse Bride’, you will need to get your hands on plenty of blue and white paint while blending them perfectly on your face and body. Your goal is to get that distinctive blue with a ghostly tinge of white color.

To paint your body you should start with your face, neck, hands, chest, and arms with blue face paint. Thereafter, you can use a slightly damp sponge to lightly dab white face paint onto your exposed skin. After which, you can put a dark blue eyeshadow on your eyelids and put purple or red lipstick on your lips. Lastly, finish up with a black eyeshadow to contour your nose and use a black eye-liner to draw your eyebrows just like Emily. Don’t forget to make it blend!

Now you can be the flawless ‘Emily the Corpse Bride’ you were dreaming of for so long during your next Halloween party! Just follow our guidelines above, your friends and other people will be surprised at how perfect your Emily costume looks like.


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