Top 18 get-to-know-yourself questions for kids

Help kids to know themselves

You may wonder what’s the best way to know kids well. Asking questions is one of the best ways to start a conversation with them. When doing so, they will carefully answer, which will sometimes make them reflect on themselves deeply. Here are our top 18 get-to-know-yourself questions for kids.

‘What is your favorite’ questions

This kind of question is easy to answer and will let you know their main personality traits, as well as other interesting information:

  1. What is your favorite pet and why do you love it? (This shows how caring they are and how they think about their pets).
  2. What is your most favorite color and how do you know you love it? (Knowing their favorite color can show their perceptions and personalities through the color they pick).
  3. Who is your favorite role model and why do you choose that person to be your role model? (This shows how their role models can shape how they behave in school, relationships, or when making difficult decisions).
  4. Where is your favorite place to be on a vacation? (If you ask this question, then you will know the places they would like to travel to and also their personality).
  5. Which movie character is the funniest to you? Why do you think that person is funny? (You will know what makes the kid laugh and what movies they love watching).
  6. If you had a chance to have dinner with anyone you would like tonight, who would that person be? (You will know whose kid’s favorite person is and why).
  7. Do you have a favorite superhero? If you were given a chance to meet your superhero and become friends for one day, who would that superhero be and why? (Kids like to roleplay. Therefore, it’s easy to know which superhero is their role model).

‘If you were’ questions

The following questions will let kids imagine what they could become or what they are striving for:

  1. If there was a zombie attack, what your weapon would be and why would you choose that weapon? (You will see how imaginative your child can be with an unprecedented situation).
  2. If you were the head of your family, what rule would you want to change? (You will know what rules the kid doesn’t like and why).
  3. If you did an exam without a supervisor, would you cheat? Why would you cheat or why not? (With this question, you will know if they are honest or not).
  4. If you were a teacher and no students were listening to you, what would you do to them? What makes you think that it is the right thing to do? (This shows how kids control their emotions and how they can get out of control when things are not working the way they want).
  5. If you were the principal in a school and you could make one rule that all students should abide by, what your rule would be, and why do you think that rule would be good for the students? (This shows you how kids can be responsible and how they think they can make good things happen around them).
  6. If your life was a 1-page book and you were the author, what would you write into that page? Is 1 page enough for you, and why do you think so? (You will see how the kid perceives his own life).

‘Do you care’ questions

This type of question will show how much the kid really cares about other people:

  1. If you had an opportunity to do something really amazing right now to help the world, what would it be? (With this, you will learn the kid’s ambitions and what he or she wants to do in a situation of power).
  2. If you had an opportunity to see all the kids in the world and give them a beautiful gift, what your gift would be? Why? (This gives you information about how caring they are to other kids and how helpful they can be to others as well).
  3. If you were a master at woodworking, what furniture would you make for your parents? (You will see how much the kid cares for the parents and how much responsibility the kid can take).
  4. If you had a lot of money to build houses for the homeless, how big would they be? Why do you think that is a good thing to do? (You will see the kids’ compassion and how much they care about other people’s situation).
  5. Do you care about other people? If yes, what makes you feel like you care? (This will give you some deep information about how caring the kids are and why they think other people deserve their help).

What we listed above are some of the best questions that you can ask children to get some meaningful information about them. Of course, the questions are unlimited so have fun exploring questions of your own. To know your kids better, only 3 things are absolutely necessary: time, patience and of course, a lot of love.


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