What’s the Airheads White Mystery Flavor?

Airheads White Mystery Flavor

Airheads have always been popular chewy candies with children and adults alike since 1985. This sweetmeat is characterized by its long-flat colorful strips as well as various fruity tastes. Now there are over 16 different flavors in the market, including the most amazing White Mystery flavor. Let’s see what the mystery is all about and how you can get your hands on the latest Airheads candies.

Get to know the origin of Airheads candies

As you may know, Airheads is manufactured by Perfetti Van Melle Group, a Dutch-Italian company, in August 1985. Steve Burner, the inventor, said that his products originally had only 2 flavors which were Cherry or Strawberry. Moreover, the package was only in red (because kids were always attracted by this color) and printed with “Airheads” in the middle. There was no flavor indicating at all.

Many years later, they realized that clients on the east coast preferred strawberries while people from the center liked cherry flavor more. From there on out, the company changed its packaging design by adding the flavor’s name and invented more savors to widen its market.

Where does the name Airheads come from?

Now you must be wondering, why “Airheads”? Steve Burner answered that question with a funny little story. It turns out that the candy master crafter had learned a thing or two from his competitors, M&M and Mars. A new product should indeed have a familiar name, otherwise, clients wouldn’t remember the brand. Therefore, Steve went asking his son for help. Who would know better than a kid, what kids want?

He asked his son how he called people who often did silly things. Then, his son answered by giving a lot of names, but the most interesting one was definitely “Airhead”. Steve shared the silly name with his team and everyone agreed that Airhead was the most suitable name for their target audience (children between 9-15 years old). Today, Airheads are considered one of the largest non-chocolate confectioners in North America.

What makes Airheads so successful?

  • Chewy features that make us enjoy every bite.
  • Yummy fruity taste and its playful combinations.
  • Diversity of choices and new exciting flavors launched regularly
  • Affordable prices and easy to buy (available in many corner stores such as 7/11 and most supermarkets)
  • Easy to grab and take a bite because of its size – you might eat it while chatting with friends, working, or on the go.

There are how many Airheads flavors?

There are about 21 Airheads flavors known to date. Have you already tasted them all? That would seriously be a record since some of them are quite hard to find. Below, we have listed almost all Airheads flavors that you might want to try out:

  1. Red color – Cherry flavor.
  2. Blue color – Raspberry flavor.
  3. Green color – Watermelon flavor
  4. Light Green color – Green apple flavor
  5. Pink color – Strawberry flavor
  6. Orange color – Orange flavor
  7. Purple color – Grape flavor
  8. Light pink color – Pink Lemonade flavor
  9. Pink and green striped design – Strawberry mixed with watermelon flavor
  10. Orange with red dots pattern – Mango-Chili flavor
  11. Blue and red striped pattern – Blue Raspberry-Cherry flavor
  12. Light brown color – Maple flavor (available in Canada only)
  13. Light pink and orange striped pattern – Pink Lemonade-Orange flavor
  14. White package with colorful sprinkles – Birthday Cake flavor
  15. Light blue color – Cotton Candy flavor
  16. Light pink color – Cotton Candy Bubble Gum flavor
  17. Plain red color – Fruit Punch flavor
  18. Yellow color – Citrus Twist/rush flavor
  19. Plain white package – White Mystery flavor (Special Edition)
  20. Plain black package – Burnt Rubber flavor (Special Edition)
  21. Package with two random colors striped pattern – Double Mystery flavor (Special Edition)

Furthermore, there are also limited-time offerings launched for some specific events or occasions such as:

  • AirHeads Blue Mystery Blast bars during Halloween,
  • Minion Banana flavor for Minions: The Rise of Gru movie,
  • Water smooth bubble gum flavor for Raya and the Last Dragon movie

What does the white mystery Airheads flavor taste like?

Different from the common collections that usually come in different vivid colors relating to their savor, the Airheads White Mystery edition has no color at all. The company decided to not put any artificial colors in this new product. That’s why it appears in a basic plain white form. This concept makes customers extremely curious, everybody is trying to guess what a plain Airheads colored candy tastes like!

In fact, this special edition is only a combination of leftovers. Instead of throwing them away, the manufacturer decided to gather all left flavors, mix them and release them to the market as a mystery edition to surprise their clients. Thus, it can be anything, the mixture could be a mix of cherry and watermelon for example. And to make things even more interesting, take note that this special edition will change from batch to batch as well, so keep guessing!

Bonus: Top 3 favorite Airheads products in 2021

To conclude our article, we thought about sharing with you our top 3 favorite Airheads candies in 2021:

  1. Airheads Chewy Fruit Candy Bars
  2. Airheads Xtremes Sweetly Sour Candy Rainbow Belts
  3. Airheads Bites Fruit

With all these flavors and different types of textures, you should be able to find something that will excite your taste bud. That said, we assure you that if you try Airheads again, you will find it much more delicious than before!


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